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Retirement Solutions

For Pre-Retirees

Are you overpaying for insurance? Are your savings working hard enough? Ken Rhoades Insurance Outlet, Inc. can help provide your family with an individualized insurance plan that will ensure you are protected at a cost that fits your budget.

Ken helps individuals and families plan for retirement with a reasonable rate of return. Making sure your money is working harder for you, Ken assists clients in saving money for retirement, education, emergencies, and more, potentially lowering the amount of taxes you pay without exposing your funds to the volatility of the fickle stock market.


For Retirees

Retirees face many challenges nowadays. With the cost of living increasing, many people are worried their funds won’t match the pace of inflation. Ken understands that investment options are scarce and banks are paying less and less in interest. Retirees don’t want to risk losing all their money on Wall Street; but need a way to make certain they do not outlive their savings.

Ken Rhoades Insurance Outlet helps retired clients establish a reliable income stream that is tax-favored and allows them to live their retirement how they want. Ken sets up his client’s funds to earn a steady rate of return, potentially lowering their taxes, without exposing their funds to the investment risks of other savings options.